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What is a shareassest account?

A shareasset account is a public account on social media or such public/private platform that offers a way to gain a profit or income, by any means permissible(allowed) by the providing platform. An average common media platform such as Youtube or Instagram for example,  usually works through its users or followers and most commonly rewards its users by the amount of followers they get or products they advertise on their accounts. The difference between an average social media account vs. a shareasset account is that once the shareasset account is allowed or able to gain income or profit, the profit/income is immediately returned to its followers or people in trade for any information that the shareassest account owner decides to post informally if wanted. It is up to the shareasset account owner on how he or she will divide the money equally to all its followers or people. Although it may seem hard it is most commonly done by buying several giftcards(or through any other form)and rapidly posting them on the account leaving first one to first served and second one to second to second served and so on. 

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